VMware desktop and server software virtualization streamlines IT operation along data centers, infrastructure, mobile devices, and cloud. This will help to run, secure, manage, and connect application with devices and clouds in environment of common operation.
This is must for IT profession that works in manage cloud or data centers and VMware is the leading platform providers for many businesses globally. Most of the companies look for the professionals that have knowledge in VMware for administer, support, and install.
VMware Product Benefits
Saves time and decreases cost with virtualization
Able to deliver app to mobile device across cloud
Minimizes downtime system
Manages, supports, and controls desktop workstations with more effectiveness
Benefits for people looking forward in the Career of system engineering, system administration, and deployment consulting.
Course Content
Virtual Technologies Introduction
VMware workstation, player and virtual box
VMware Virtualization Introduction
Introduce virtualizations, virtual machines, and vSphere components
VMware ESXi And ESX
Introduction and architecture of ESXi & ESX
Configuring manually of ESXi/ESX
VMware vCenter Server
Configure and install server components of vCenter
Manage inventory objects of vCenter server
Networking & Storage
Manage, create, and configure vNetwork standard switches, network connections, and port groups
Manage and create vSphere datastores
Configure ESXi/ESX with NFS,iSCSI
Virtual Machines & Access Control
Manage and modify virtual machines
Storage vMotion migration performing
Deploy virtual machine with create, templates, converter of VMware vCenter, and cloning
Using permissions and roles control user access
Resource Monitoring & Data Protection
Introduction of VMkernal methods to optimize memory usage and CPU
Using performance of vCenter server alarms and graphs monitor resource usage
Virtual machine access control with I/O resources, memry and CPU
Recover and backup virtual machine with data recovery of VMware
Scalability, High Availability And Patch Management
Manage multi vCenter server inventories with VMware linked mode of vCenter
Manage ESXi/ESX compliance configuration with host profiles
Manage, configure and create vNetwork distributed switches, port groups and network connections
Migrations of VMware vMotion
Manage and configure VMware distributed resource cluster scheduler
Manage and configure High availability cluster of VMware
Configure virtual machines of fault tolerant with Vmware fault tolerance
Patch compliance and manage patching with update manager of vCenter
vSphere & Software Defines Data Center Introduction
Describing about how vSphere is fit into cloud infrastructure and software defined data center
Interaction of CPUs, storage, network, and memory with vSphere
Manage and access vSphere client access with ESXI host and vCenter server system
Comparison of virtual machine hardware versions
Describe enhances VMXNET3 and identify adapters of virtual network
Virtual disk provision types comparison
Install & configure settings of ESXI host
ESXi quick boost advantages
Virtual Machine Creation
Provision, remove and create virtual machine
VMware tools importance
Virtual appliance OVF template import describing
vCenter Server
Architecture of vCenter server
Manage vCenter server inventory using vSphere client
Custom role creation of vCenter server, create backup schedule of vCeter server appliance
Restore from backup of Vcenter server appliance
vCenter server appliance monitoring
Manage And Configure Virtual Networks & Virtual Storage
Management Of Virtual Machine
Monitoring And Resource Management
vSphere data protection, HA, and Fault Tolerance
vSphere DRS And Update Manager
vSphere Troubleshooting