Starglobe technology is an agency that helps unemployed individuals find work. We also provide a service to our clients by giving them qualified workers for permanent or contract jobs or available positions. We seek to distinguish ourselves by providing the most possible flexibility and reliability in customer service. Our network enables clients to benefit from a package tailored to their needs and time requirements. Starglobe technology career is open for anyone looking to find a suitable job based on previous work experience and skills.
• Starglobe technology offers recruitment as per your requirements at various levels such as senior; middle and junior level management positions. Both technical and non-technical cadres. We undertake to scrutinize and recommend the right candidates, which will minimize your time span and speedy processing and selection as per your requirements.
• Our placement service division, which has earned an excellent Reputation for its quality services, ethics, professionalism and credibility
• We can also advertise, and Process the Recruitment on behalf of the client. Cost of advertisement wherever applicable has to be reimbursing in advance.