The salesforce course content is designed especially for you to master for being best salesforce administrator and platform app builder. You can earn grip to configure salesforce and able to collect, retrieve and analyze vital association information with customer base. On going through salesforce training you can know salesforce application development and deployment of cloud apps.
Admin Course Content
Introduction Of CRM
About CRM
Salesforce and cloud computing introduction
Overview of cloud computing
About SAAS, PAAS, and IAAS
Introduction Of Database
Database model, standard objects, custom objects, tabs, fields creation
Salesforce blocks building
Standard objects and tab types
Custom Application
Field creation, various data types, and limitations
Standard data types – text area, URL, email, number, currency, storage limitations
Read only – formula, rollup, auto numbering, summary operations
Relational – master vs lookup, limitations, external ID, unique fields
Page layouts, record types, field dependency, validation rules, workflow rules, workflow approval process
Email templates, data management, personal setup, and users, roles & profiles
Managing users, set OWD (Organization wide defaults)
Object- level, field-level, record-level security
Sharing rules – defining sharing rules, types of sharing rules.
Development Course Content
Introduction To Oops Concept
MVC architecture – model, view and controller
Overview of apex programming – CSS introduction
Javascript introduction – external and internal
Static resources – add external CSS file to static resources
Adding javascript file to static resource
Data types – collections, subject, primitives
Record setvar
SOQL query, custom save functionality
Without vs with sharing class
System mode vs user mode execution
Save – standard controller
Wrapper Class, View State & Triggers
Multi object data display, add check box to data to perform related operations
Relational and inner queries
Trigger overview and events
Salesforce triggers
Trigger variable context
Action function, support, region, polar, status
Rerender, render, facet, and output panel
Overview package, define & types of packages
Managed vs unmanaged packages
Apex batch methods and use
Apex scheduling use and methods