Java /J2EE
Nowadays, Java is the most trending programming language. It is a compiled, concurrent, and object oriented programming language. This was created by Sun Microsystems (Oracle) in the year 1995. You can find this programming language on many programs, websites, and applications.
Java runs on a software platform like Java platform by Android SDK or Oracle for smartphone devices. This is the most commonly used in enterprise software, Android apps, scientific, data calculations, web applications, and financial software.
The web developer, app developers, and software engineers need to learn Java to create and maintain any product. Java is more complex language than Python. If you are new to programming it’s better to start with Java.
Introduction To Java / J2EE
In this introduction part, you will learn advantages of Java, Java architecture, how to develop code using various types of data, loops, and conditions.
Java introduction
Class files
Data types
Byte codes
For loops
If conditions
Do while and while
Data Handling Functions
In this section, you will learn to code functions, arrays, and strings.
Functions with arguments, overloading
Static polymorphism concept
String handling and string Buffer classes
Object Oriented Programming
You can learn object oriented programming with Java using objects, classes, abstract, final, and many more.
Object orientation Oops concept
Methods and attributes
Objects and classes
Constructors and methods
Inheritance, abstract, final, and static
Multi Threading and Packages
In this module, you can learn multi threading packages in Java and exceptional handling.
You can learn interfaces and packages
Public, packages, protected, and private access specifiers
Try, finally, catch, throws of exceptional handling
Extending thread class, runnable interface, synchronization threads of multi threading.
Java Collections
You will learn about wrapper classes, applet programs, and inner classes. Along with can learn about util and io.lang packages important collection packages.
Inner wrapper classes like integer, float, Boolean, character etc
Can learn about UI programs like, java.util, java.lang, applet
Collections like Arraylist, Hashtable, HashSet, TreeSet, and Vector.
Under this section you can learn about XML files and parsing XML files using SAX and DOM.
About XML, how to write XML files
DOM parser – write XML file and parse XML file
XSL, SAX parser
You can learn architecture of JDBC, drivers of JDBC, communicate database on writing code in JDBC.
Introduction to SQL and JDBC
Driver types
Operations of update, select, delete, and insert using JDBC
Batch processing transaction and management
You can learn Developing applications and web technologies using servlet.
Introduction to web technologies
Types of servlets and request dispatchers
Filters and session tracking types
You can learn code development using JSP
Introduction and architecture JSP
Tags, implicit objectives, JSP directives and JDBC.
Here, Hibernate framework and interacting database using hibernate. Along with this, you also learn database operations like delete, select, insert, and update operations.
Introduction and architecture of Hibernate
Select, delete, insert, update database operations
Inheritance, collections, catching in hibernate
Restrictions and HQL
You learn Spring framework introduction along with writing code using components auto wiring and dependency injection.
Introduction and architecture of Spring framework
Sample message display and IoC containers
Bean definition, scopes, and post processors
Auto-wiring & dependency injection
Design patterns, Advanced Spring, Ajax
In this section, you will learn advanced spring concepts, server interaction using Ajax, and design patterns of Java EE.
AOP (Aspect oriented program), spring framework integration using hibernate.
Ajax framework in addition design patterns like DAO, DTO, MVC
Intercepting filter, business delegate, front controller, transaction management