Our training of DotNet (.NET) main motto is to gain knowledge in, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, C#.Net, and VB.Net. You will understand the features and concept of .NET like debugging, coding, developing windows web applications.
Basic Course Contains Concepts of C#, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, AND SQL server. The advanced course of .Net contains ASP.Net MVC, entity framework, WCF, Jquery, angular JS, Ajax.Net, WPF, Linq, and JSON.
Course Contents
Architecture 4.5 DOTNET Enterprise
.NET platform introduction, CLR (Common language run time)
About CLS (Common Language Specifications), CTS (Common Type Specification), MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language)
C#.NET Basics
Type conversion & data types, unboxing & boxing, conditional statements, looping, methods in c#
Arrays, indexes, properties, enumerations, structures, strings, and collections
Object Oriented Programming
Oops concept, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, constructors, and dynamic types
Class, object, optional parameters, names, optional arguments, generic covariant parameters type, destructors.
Method overloading, overriding, early & late binding, abstract classes & methods
Generic & static classes, static constructors, interfaces, and multiple iheritance
Object & collection initializer, extension methods, partial methods & classes.
Memory Management & Exceptional Handling
Garbage collector, stack & heap, system. GC class, system. Object class, and architecture of GC.
System defined exceptions, custom exceptions, throwing exceptions, try, catch, finally
GUI Application Development
Controls and forms of Windows
Creating Menus, toolbars, image list, tree view, list view, notify icon, error provider.
ADO.NET (Data Base Programming)
Introduction of ADO.NET & .NET data providers
Unmanaged and managed providers introduction
Data adapters & dataset, creating transactions & relations, stored procedures, linq programming.
Datagrid view using DML sorting operations and paging
Assembles, pointers, Delegates, User Controls & Event Handling
Shared & private assemblies, GAG (Global Assembly Cache)
Reference & value types, unsafe pointers and structures
Function pointers and multi cast delegates
Inherited control, UDC (User Defined Control), and event handling
.NET Remoting and Distributed Technologies
RMI, DCOM, COBRA, channels – HTTP, TCP
Marshal by value & reference
Server & client activated
Remoting and distributed architecture
Windows Services, File Handling, Multi Threading, Security In .NET
Namespace System. IO, file stream, stream writer & reader, file & directory info.
Service installer, base service class, process service installer, windows service creation, util.exe installation.
About threading and thread synchronization
Life cycle of thread and critical sections
VB.NET security role base and cryptography
VB.NET features, write programs in VB.NET
Compile & execute in command prompt
Namespace & assemblies introduction
Libraries f base class, data types, array, sub programs, unboxing & boxing
Comparison of C# And VB.NET
Program structure, comments, data types, constants, enumerations, operators, choices, loops, arrays, functions, and strings
Exceptional handling, regular expressions, interfaces / classes, destructors / constructors, objects usage, properties, and structs
Web Technologies Introduction
IIS architecture
Script langs client side
Introduction Of ASP.NET & Server Side Controls
About ASP.NET, image technique, behind code technique
Server control types, web server controls examples, validation controls
Page execution architecture ASP.NET
Configuration & Tracing Of ASP.NET
Web config vs machine config
App, compilation, custom error, session state setting
Enhancement in ASP.NET
Out process vs inprocess session state
State server, SQL server, cookie less session
Page level & application level of tracing
State Management
Session state, session tracking arch, object applications
App and session events
View state and cookies
About providers of ADO.NET
Data reader, dataset, datalist, repeater, datasource controls
Grid, details & list view
LINQ Caching
Caching importance, caching support for ASP 4.5
ASP.NET caching types, output caching fragment caching
Custom control vs web user control, application object vs data caching
Security Of Email Server
Authorization and authentication
Authentication based on Windows, form based authentication, membership, and passport authentication
About web services
WSDL.NET support role for web service XML
Web service client apps, web service caching
UDDI Registry and SOAP
ZONE types
Web part manager
Globalization And Localization
Creation of satellite assembly
Resource file creation
Localization & globalization app creation