DevOps is required for the IT professionals to test, develop, and securely deploy for enhancement of business efficiency. This is a process of software development for communication & collaboration between software developers, product, and professionals of operations.
DevOps Introduction
You will learn about DevOps environment.
Why and what is DevOps
Market trends, engineering skills, delivery pipeline, and ecosystem of DevOps
Version Control
Here, you will learn about version control using GIT
About version control and GIT
Installing and common commands of GIT
Remote repositories working
Jenkins, Maven & GIT
You can learn about various actions GIT performed and introduction of Maven & Jenkins.
Merge and branch of GIT
GIT workflows, cheat sheet
Jenkins and Maven introduction
About CI and why it is required
Using Jenkins Continuous Integration
You learn here about using Jenkins continuous integration on building & using Maven automation test cases.
Management of Jenkins, addition of slave node for Jenkins, delivery pipeline building
Pipeline as node
Implementation of Jenkins
Selenium Continuous Testing
You can learn about selenium and automate test cases for web elements testing.
Selenium introduction, why to use selenium, and selenium – webdriver
Selenium webdriver test cases creation
About X-path
Handling various controls on webpage, selenium framework, integration of selenium with Jenkins
Implementation of selenium
You can learn about docker, technology and core concepts of docker.
Transportation shipping challenges, Docker introduction
Container introduction, life cycle
Images and container understanding, run hello world using Docker
Docker file, containers working, image publish on Docker Hub
Integration Of Containers Using Docker
You will learn various containers integration using Docker
Docker ecosystem introduction, compose, swarm
Managing and running containers
Docker networking introduction, network types, docker networking of container
Puppet Configuration Management
You learn about configuring and installing of Puppet and master agent architecture in puppet.
Puppet introduction, installation and configuration
Puppet master agent setup, module & puppet classes and environment
Node classification, automation and reporting
Ansible Configuration Management
You learn of installing and configuring Ansible roles.
Ansible introduction, installation and configuring ansible roles.
Write playbooks and adhoc command execution
Using Kubernetes Containerization
You can learn about kubernetes basics and integration with Docker.
Cluster kubernetes architecture, exploring cluster, understand YAML
Spinning cluster kubernetes on Ubuntu VMs, create deploy in kubernetes on using YAML
Create kubernetes service, install kubernetes dashboard, deploy app on using dashboard, use roll updates in kubernetes
Using Nagios Continuous Monitoring
You can learn, using different plugins continuous monitoring tasks and nagios comman implementation.
Nagios introduction, continuus monitoring
Installation of Nagios, Nagios Plugins and objects
Nagios notification and commands
DevOps On Cloud Introduction
You will learn regarding service providers and cloud services, and have an idea of implementing DevOps with AWS
Cloud computing introduction
DevOps on cloud
AWS introduction, different AWS services, DevOps with AWS
Requirements For This Course
Fundamentals of Java and Linux