The cloud skills are required for any organization for transforming their business. Our AWS training will help you to build along with validate your cloud skills. Our training team experts has build the content and updates it regularly according to AWS updates.
AWS Introduction
You can learn different services by AWS and overview of the architecture.
Cloud computing & Cloud deployment along with service models
AWS global infrastructure with benefits, AWS services, accessing ways of AWS services.
AWS Security Management
Key management service and identity access management (IAM) are used for security management of AWS.
Identity access management (IAM) for user management
AWS services access policies, service access of API keys, IAM best practices
Key management service, alerts creation on billing, and billing access
Object Storage
You learn about various services of object storage that AWS offers.
Version control, creation, transfer acceleration, replication of s3 bucket
Storage classes, life cycle policy in S3 and cost optimization
Configure and create S3 cloudfront, snowball, storage gateway types.
Amazon EC2
AWS backbone is EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) and you learn about concepts along with their usage.
Terminate, stop, start an instance of EC2
Security group, AMI, ENI, VPC, private and public IP
Storage services, EBS along with types, EFS, and cost optimization
Manage Traffic
Here, you learn about auto scaling, load balancing, route 53 for managing traffic.
Elastic load balancer along with types, comparison of network, classic, and application load balancer
Auto-scaling and its components, auto-scaling life cycle and its policy
Route 53 working and different routing policies
Analytics And Services Of Database
AWS offered various database services for handling unstructured and structured data. Here, you learn about analyzing data.
Amazon RDS benefits, aurora, dynamoDB, redshift
Elasticache and AWS Kinesis
Monitoring And Networking Services
Here, you are introduced to AVPC (Amazon Virtual Private Cloud) and learn implementing network using private & public subnets with virtual private cloud.
VPC components and benefits, CIDR notations, NAT (Network Address Translation), VPC peering, AWS cloudwatch, AWS cloudtrail
Trusted advisor and security groups vs list of network access control
AWS Lambda & Application Services
You can learn about various AWS offers of application services like sending notification, message ques processing, and emails.
AWS SES (Simple Email Service), SNS (Simple Notification Service), SQS (Simple Queue Service), SWF (Simple Work Flow)
AWS Lambda
AWS Tools And Services
You can gain knowledge about various AWS tools and services used to configure automation and management.
Elastic beanstalk of AWS and CloudFormation
Opswork for stack, puppet enterprises, chef automate
Differentiation between opsworks, cloudformation and beanstalk
Architecture Designs 1 & 2
You can learn about key role of AWS guidelines for architected framework, architecture design performance, and resilient.
Design high availability and architecture fault tolerant
Choose resilient / reliable storage
Using AWS services decoupling mechanism design
Multi tier architecture design solution, disaster recovery solution, performance storage choosing
Improve performance on applying caching, solutions in design for scalability and elasticity.
Architected framework, design architectures of cost optimized
Specify architectures and secure applications
Defining architectures of operationally-excellent