In this android training, you will learn programming android concepts and yourself can build apps. The course contains the theory and practical sessions that give complete knowledge to build an android app. Here, you also learn android development and latest advancements.
Benefits Of Learning Android
You can make android app yourself without any limits
It helps to start your own business using the app. You can generate money using ads and Google pay.
You can start working as a freelancer or a professional android developer. This helps you to get a job in your dream company.
Our training team always upgrades with the latest advanced techniques that helps the professionals to update themselves.
We have divided the training session into modules
1st Module – Fundamentals
About software engineering
OOPS concept and SQL queries
Designing basics
2nd Module – Java (Learn language)
Java introduction
JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and Bytecodes
About JDK (Java Development Kit)
Data types, loops, conditionals, operators, and arrays
Applets and applications
Encapsulation, constructors, inheritance, method overriding, and polymorphism
Introduction to objects and classes, abstract classes and methods
Packaging, interface, and exceptional handling
Multithreading, multitasking, and syncronyzation
Java I/O, using DOM – XML parse, SAX parse
Component, Java swing, and Windows Toolkit
3rd Module – Android OS
Android and Java – Introduction
Framework development
DVM (Dalvik Virtual Machine) and develop with Eclipse
AVD (Android Virtual Device), SDK manager, android architecture, and OOPS
Android development tools, AAPT (Android Asset Packaging Tool)
ADB (Android Debug Bridge), activity lifecycle, activity classes
Android applications types and android architecture
Application manifest introduction, android installation, component lifecycle
4th Module – Build Mobile Applications
Layouts of android, web view, grid view
Advance Java, android UI (User Interface), Android GUI (Graphic User Interface) architecture
Android menus, intents and processes
Graphics multimedia and animation
Audio & video introduction on android
Android preferences and persistence
File system usage, location and maps
SD cards accessing, internet services
Using & creating overlays, projections
Use GEOCoder, wake locks, android text to speech
Interprocess communication and paranoid android
Camera usage, sensor manager, Bluetooth, network, Wi-Fi, and broadcast receivers
XML, DOM, SAX, JSON parsing
SQLite databases, services, and content providers
Android NDL introduction, AIDL & IPC
5th Module – Database Connectivity
Data types of SQLite
Content and cursors values
Open helper of SQLite
Updating, adding, and deleting content
6th Module – Industrial Projects
Database dictionary, flow chart, high-level requirements, and project scope
Use of NFC & Bluetooth in android device
Android localization, configuration changes, permissions & security
Integration of web services, deployment
Windows PC, Linux or Mac computer